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Updated Mar 22 - version 2.2
Changeable storage path.

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Flash cards app for Android.

The VARIANKI Flashcards is yet another flash cards app out there. Not only text cards but also image cards are available. Highly functional user interface is designed to focus on your memorization effectively. No limit to the number of cards and books you can add.


TIPS Grid View

Long press HOME button for a grid view.

TIPS How to make a CSV file?

Example 1 The top's text and the back's text should be separated with a comma. 1 card in 1 line. And <br> for a new line.

Cherry,Cereza<br>Argentine wine grape variety.

Example 2 You can add a tag as the third value.

Apple,Manzana,Sir Isaac Newton

TIPS new If you like to change a storage path. (for advanced users)

First, make a variankipath.txt file, and write a new ABSOLUTE PATH in it. example: variankipath.txt

Second, put your variankipath.txt in the same level as "Varianki" folder. Do not drop it into "Varianki" folder.

Now, this app begins to use a new path and searches Varianki folder. If invalid path, the app cannot start. Please check a new path.

After confirmation that the app can start regularly, then copy or replace your "Varianki" folder to the new path. If you like to reset a storage path, delete variankipath.txt.


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